Why Trust Longhill?
Three decades of business practice says it all! At Longhill Enterprises, our reliability rests on our reputation. We take care of client relations because we know the value of your trust in us.
34 Bal Bay Drive, Suite 12
Bal Harbour, Florida 33154
Phone Number: 212-529-8400
Email: nordent@aol.com

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Welcome to Longhill Enterprises Inc.

It’s easy to be surprised these days. Everything we know to be permanent can change in a spilt-second as technology can develop and revolutionize right before our eyes. Information Technology is no stranger to this fact. Computers are now a handy compact companion and our hand held devices are no longer limited to texts and calls. Companies from different industries don’t consider a chair and a bulky table their only office - the whole world becomes your market because of the internet.

Longhill Enterprises knows all these to be true so we capitalize on the powerful forces behind all the development. The global market, information technology, data processing, system and process designs - anything to do with computers, the internet and how it can change or update quickly - all throughout, Longhill Enterprises will be your partner.

If you want to succeed, you have to partner with successful people. Let us help you climb up to the top. Talk to us about what you need. Get started today!